Oswald & Self Halls + Daisy Hill Quad

University of Kansas

McCollum Replacement Housing & Daisy Hill Unification

The One Daisy Hill project includes the design and construction of a new residence hall complex on a 18 acre site, the creation of outdoor spaces to unify the Daisy Hill community, and a reconfiguration of the access road and associated parking.

  • Residence Hall Complex: Located on Daisy Hill adjacent to, and west of, existing Hashinger and Lewis Halls. The new buildings will include two 5-story 350-bed residence halls and a 2-story community building. The total square footage is estimated at 208,177 GSF.
  • Outdoor Space: A common outdoor space will be designed and constructed between the new residence halls and the existing residence halls. The pedestrian friendly new outdoor space will allow for informal recreation, as well as a plaza and outdoor seating areas for residents. This 18 acre site will require additional sitework adjacent to existing buildings on Daisy Hill in order to create a cohesive and inclusive community.

  • Access Road and Parking: In addition to the work around the new and existing buildings, Engel Road and its connection to 15th street, as well as parking lots west of the new residence halls will be reconfigured. A new parking lot at the site of existing McCollum Hall will need to be created.