School of Pharmacy

University of Kansas

New Pharmacy Teaching Facility

The University of Kansas School of Pharmacy’s new Teaching and Administration Building is the first phase in an effort to consolidate the School of Pharmacy from several buildings around campus into one centralized location. It was designed to easily accommodate future research laboratories and support spaces totaling more than 300,000 sq ft.

The 112,000 building provides for a six year doctorate degree program and continuing education for practicing professionals. Integrated technology, community spaces, and amenities accommodating the daily needs of students, faculty and visitors were important goals for this project.

Educational technology systems were designed to address multiple campus locations, distance learning/education requirements, clinical evaluations, and professional and academic seminars. An integrated teaching laboratory, medicinal biochemistry laboratory, working model pharmacy, and simulated patient consultation rooms equipped with audio-video observation and instructional capabilities round out this facility designed for modern curriculum and future adaptations.

Open break-out areas, a quiet resource center, private meeting rooms and modern lounge areas, with furnishings integrating comfort and technology, give students a range of choices to accommodate their study habits.

This was the first project required to meet the new University requirements for energy efficiency: exceed ASHRAE 90.1 baseline standards by a minimum of 30%.

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