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Measurement, Materials and Sustainable Environment Center

University of Kansas

Multiple cutting edge research areas under one roof.

Partially funded by a National Institute of Standards and Technology grant, the Measurement, Materials and Sustainable Environment Center (M2SEC) is a 46,735 sq ft interdisciplinary engineering research building focused on activities in energy/transportation, global change, composite materials/technology, and sustainable building practices:

Biological materials laboratory for research on new materials development, improved drug delivery and tissue engineering for things like cartilage regeneration.

Carbon fiber composites laboratory for the design and construction of aircrafts and a primary focus on the National Science Foundation's Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets.

An acoustics laboratory with one of the largest anechoic (EMI/EMC) chambers in the region and two state-of-the-art reverberation testing rooms.

Phase change materials laboratory includes two exterior walls lined with 63 interchangeable panels that allow testing and monitoring of different materials and research for better controlling of building heating and cooling.

Multi-dimensional fracture & fatigue laboratory for testing of structural members or aerospace and biomedical components and systems in three dimensions.

Biodiesel and algae Laboratories for production, testing and certification of alternative fuels.

A rooftop greenhouse for growing different kinds of algae for alternative fuels experiments.

Test cell laboratory includes an AC dynamometer for engine testing that is also designed to provide regenerative power back into the grid. Fuel produced in the biofuels lab across the hall can be tested here to determine the mechanical and emissions characteristics.

The entire building is designed with a focus on creating additional Interdisciplinary research connections.

Designed to exceed ASHRAE 90.1 baseline energy efficiency standards by a minimum of 30%.

FOR MORE INFORMATION -- see this School of Engineering introductory video: http://youtu.be/zzXUy-Edmh8